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Symmetrical Group's Integrated Management System


Training and Development

On-the-job training commences with induction, and continues until new staff are deemed competent by their Supervisor

From time to time, training sessions are conducted internally, to help staff acquire or improve skills in safety operations, compliance and other professional skills.

Staff may also be invited or encouraged to attend external courses to improve their professional and operational skills.  Staff are expected to make themselves available for these except in extenuating circumstances.

This is a program for continuous improvement, and may include:

Ongoing training not only includes in-house training, but also includes attendance or enrolment at external courses.

Attendance at and recognition of internal training and competency gained is recorded on Training Register.

Attendance, Qualifications and Certificates of Attainment are recorded on an Employee Record.

The business has a policy of assisting staff who are undertaking studies relevant to their position within the organisation. Staff are expected to make themselves available for all training except in extenuating situations.

This policy has been reviewed and endorsed by the directors of Symmetrical Group who foresee benefits in, and take responsibility for, its successful implementation. By accepting employment with the Company, each employee accepts that he/she is responsible for the application of this policy.