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Symmetrical Group's Integrated Management System


Locations, Plant and Equipment

Head Office - Wangara

Symmetrical Group has its head office at 4/53 Berriman Drive Wangara and is open Monday to Friday. The office houses a modern server that feeds all of our site and remote facilities. The office comprises of 10 Work stations, 1 meeting room and a detached warehouse/workshop for storage of equipment, project materials and machinery. There is also a 2T forklift based at this address.

The facility has excellent security and monitoring around the clock to ensure the stability of our operation.

From this office we manage the Safety, Engineering, Detailing, Planning, Scheduling, Outsourcing, Accounts, Human Resource, Management, Risk and Growth aspects of our business.

Workshop Facilities – Wangara

The workshop is located at 4/17 Conquest Way Wangara and is linked into our Wangara office via digital cameras and a secure firewall connection to ensure data transfer between the sites is as fast and secure as possible.

The workshop Manager and our Mechanical Engineer are based at the facility permanently; accounts and admin staff commute to the workshop regularly to assist where required.

Site/Project Equipment

The workshop can comfortably complete 800 man-hours (direct labor) per week without running weekends, afternoon or night shifts.

Note: The list below is not exhaustive; there is also a lot of specialized equipment such as Fibre Optic Joint and Test Equipment, Underground Service Location Equipment, Specialized Power Meters, Specialized Hydraulic Equipment etc.)

Storage and Laydown Facilities – 11 Corvette Road Bullsbrook

We have a 1200m2 Laydown and storage facility at Bullsbrook which we use to store plant and equipment and consolidate fabricated items (post surface treatment) ready for dispatch to the project. Bullsbrook is a great location for loading trucks as it is attached to the great northern highway giving excellent access to road trains.