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Symmetrical Group's Integrated Management System



At Symmetrical Group Pty Ltd it is our mission to provide our customers a Safe, Efficient, Quality Electrical and Mechanical Contracting service that exceed the expectations applied to us. By doing so we aim to become the preferred supplier of major asset owners in Western Australia.

We believe our emphasis on quality will help us achieve our stated goal and are continuously improving our quality control procedures and methods. Our improved reliance on improved recruiting and training methods, technology, machinery, tooling and devices is the key to retaining existing customers and growing our business.

We will be guided in our endeavour towards total quality management by the system specified by the ISO:9001:2000 standard and will use it as a guideline to implement an operational system that will always ensure traceability of our activities and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Our activities include:

Our management system provides a framework for addressing the following needs:

This policy has been reviewed and endorsed by the directors of Symmetrical Group who foresee benefits in, and take responsibility for, its successful implementation. By accepting employment with the Company, each employee accepts that he/she is responsible for the application of this policy.