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Symmetrical Group's Integrated Management System


Project Management and Engineering

Establishing the Scope and Justifying the Business Case

In our experience capital projects justifications generally come in a combination of 5 categories these include; Production, operation & maintenance, safety, legislative or environmental improvements. The Symmetrical Group also acknowledge that within the next 5 years power consumption and energy efficiency will be added to these criteria and as such our proposals will where ever practical also provide options that include improvements to these aspects, in addition to advising our Clients of any taxation breaks or government assistance that may be available.

The Directors of Symmetrical Group understand the importance of correctly scoping and justifying the proposed improvement projects to our Clients.  We can be engaged to evaluate our Clients “current” situation and then propose and agree on a solution that matches “where they want to be” including writing the business case if needed.

Implementing the Approved Scope

All projects undertaken by the Symmetrical Group are completed within the frame work of SYMSYS, the Symmetrical Group’s Quality, Environmental and Safety Management System to provide consistent, safe work conditions and quality installations.

Symmetrical Group guarantee all projects are undertaken with a high level of professionalism. In the directors experience projects finish the way they start, to this end Symmetrical Group plan and procure all materials required for the completion of the projects and ensure they are available when required by the project.


When the project is nearing completion the documentation can be handed over to the client. Included in this handover is the recommended maintenance schedule for the installation. Symmetrical can be engaged to carry out these inspections and adjustments by simply asking.